Flower bag goes on a day out…..

Today was an absolutely beautiful, hot day and we went to visit the Queen Mother. The Queen Mother has been having a bad week so we thought she might like to be cheered up by a visit from the family. Last night we started work on a treat to take with us for the Queen Mother but ran out of time to finish it…instead we used some leftovers from the project to make a table mat, and we took over one of the bags that I made last week. The main project will be finished over the next few days…..

Queen Mothers table Mat

Queen Mothers gifts in use.....

The Queen Mother was very pleased with her gifts and put them to use straight away.

As the weather was so lovely we had to get out and about and enjoy the sun. We popped out for a walk and picnic at Froghall Wharf in Staffordshire…which is just 20 mins from the Queen Mothers house. We had a really good walk along the canal tow path, basking in the sun and listening to the birds. The girls were doing some wild flower spotting and photography as they walked along whilst the boys were chatting about boy things (whatever they may be).

The good thing was that the new bag came in very useful for carrying our drinks in…..everyone had to take a turn with carrying it to share out the work.

Canal tow path in the sun

Prince of Rock trying trying not to look like he has the bag....

Shed King takes a turn with the bag.....

Field of buttercups......

Queen Mother models the bag.....

Froghall Wharf

The Canal.....


  1. Queen Mother says:

    I have to say it was a beautiful day and we had a great time – the bag came in very useful as it was great for ‘shoulder carrying’. Look forward to receiving the finished project!!

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