Sewathon finished …part two

Tea is all eaten and I’m prepped for work tomorrow so time to fill you in about the rest of my sewing frenzy.

Stage 2 – Crayon Roll

Recently we have spotted a few people making crayon rolls and I promised Cupcake Princess that we would make one. As she is away I thought it would be good if mummy made her one for when she gets back as a little treat. Of course having seen various tutorials and blogs for making them I couldn’t for the life of me remember where I saw them!!

Anyway I decided it couldn’t be that difficult to make one so embarked on a bit of improvisation. I had some snail fabric left from a bag I made for my niece a while ago and I thought it would be perfect for this.

Overall I thought it came out really well and the only thing I really had to think about was the fastening. I opted for a tie and I attached it to the body of the roll and covered the join with some coordinating felt

I think Cupcake Princess will love it…I’ve popped it inside the cupcake book bag I showed you earlier.

Crayon roll - rolled up

Inside the crayon roll

Stage 3 – Wallet

You may have seen the practice wallet that I made a couple of weeks ago. I have been trying to decide how I could improve it. There were two things that on reflection I thought could be improved:

1) Fastening – It was a little loose and not really suitable for anything important.

2) Wadding – The fusible fleece was ok but a bit puffy.

I embarked on trying to make a new prototype using a velcro fastening and using duck cloth instead of fusible fleece as it is stiffer. I would love to say it was great from the start but it really wasn’t.

The first attempt was going so well up until the point of the photo below:

Wallet - attempt 1 outside

I then tried to think how was I going to bind the top and bottom …a flaw unfortunately which I couldn’t work out how to neatly overcome.

I started off on a second attempt. This time I overcame the issues with the top and bottom but created a problem with the ends….cant believe I walked into that one so blindly. I made an attempt at binding it together and it was a passable effort but being a bit of a perfectionist it just wasn’t good enough for me.

Wallet attempt 2

The photo hides some of the imperfections but basically the problem is with the bottom of the two dotty strips.

Then there was my third and final attempt. It didn’t come out perfectly but it has the neatest finish of the three tries. I would be happy to use it as there are no raw edges on show!! It feels robust but not as flat as I wanted. I’m going to try using it this week to carry train tickets etc and see how I get on…and then hopefully next week I will be able to make the perfect wallet!!

Wallet - attempt 3 front

Wallet - attempt 3 inside pockets

Wallet - attempt 3 fastenings

I should mention the wallet is made with some more Amy Butler leftover fabric. I love the colours in this fabric…not too girly.

I’m going to take a break from sewing for a couple of days now and concentrate on some money earning work (sadly nothing at all to do with sewing) BUT I will be on holiday Thursday/Friday so I’m sure there will be some more sewing.



  1. That crayon roll is most adorable!

  2. I’m really going to have to try to do my purse notepad holder that you commented on again without the fusible fleece — it really is just too puffy! Seems like the duck cloth did remedy that issue with your wallet at least.

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