My Sewathon is all over…..

It’s 5.15pm and my sewathon weekend is over! Unfortunately I have to do some work this evening ready for returning to work in the morning so I’ve packed away my sewing machine, repacked the threads and fabrics and prepared for getting on with a new week.

It’s half term (and the family are still away) so thankfully I dont have to prepare lunch box food, sort out school clothes, find lost homework, get children into the shower etc but I do have to clean myself up, iron some clothes and pack my work bag.

Before I do all that boring stuff I thought I would share my very productive efforts with you all.

Stage 1 – Bags!!

Yesterday I made the scottie dog bag and today I thought I would use up some leftover fabrics to make some more bags:

Book Bag for Cupcake Princess – I used some leftover fabric from last years birthday wall hanging and made a simple little long handled bag that Cupcake Princess can use for taking her reading book to school.

Cupcake bag for Cupcake Princess!!!

Couple of flower bags – I had a couple of flower fabrics stashed away that I really like but they just haven’t suited any projects that I have worked on….I thought they would make perfect bags. I added some funky coloured lining and they were done.

Flower Bag 1

Flower bag 2

Oh and I had a bit of leftover fabric from bag 3 to make a little pouch for an MP3 player or another little item worth protecting…

Smart book bag for work – I just love the Amy Butler Love range. I had some leftover fabric after making my domestic goddess apron and as I have a navy and cream coat that I wear for work I thought I could make a really unique and eye catching bag for carrying my books and files to work.

I put a lot more effort into this bag than the others. First I lined the bag with duck canvas so that it would have the strength for carrying folders etc. Next I added some interior pockets. I am always rooting in the bottom of my bags for my phone, purse, id card and MP3 player so pockets would be really useful.

It took a bit longer because of the extra bits but I’m really pleased with the result and I’ll be taking it to work with me in the morning.

Bag of love.....

Look inside the bag of love --pockets galore!!

So at the end I had a little collection of bags…including a couple that I can give as gifts (yes Queen Mother you can have one of the flowery bags if you want one!).

A line of bags.......

Once the bags were completed I moved onto stage 2….but you’ll have to wait until after I have had my tea to find out what stage 2 was…….


  1. What a lovely weekend you had and SO productive. Well done the bags look super. I’m sure the cupcake Princess will be suitably enthused about reading with such a gorgeous bag.

  2. Your bags are lovely! The one for Cupcake Princess is too cute.

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