Peaceful sewing morning…..

As I mentioned previously my family have gone away for the Bank Holiday weekend so I have a weekend at home to myself.

While watching eurovision last night I layered and pinned my wonky star quilt ready for quilting this morning.

The photo isn’t great as I took it late at night but hopefully you can see it was all prepped ready for quilting this morning.

Wonky stars prepped for quilting

I got up bright and early this morning and started on the quilting. This is the first time that I have tried to do any quilting that wasn’t just about doing square outlines. It hasn’t come out perfectly but I am pleased with the results overall. Considering I started off yesterday to just make a few practice stars for the quilting bee I now have a lovely little quilt….I dont mind that the blocks aren’t perfectly aligned and the quilting isn’t perfect – it gives it that homemade feel.

I will work on the binding tonight (it’s all prepped to add on) but I thought I’d show you how it is looking prebinding:

Unbound wonky star quilt

Close up

I have a whole cupboard full of fabrics I have purchased for projects that I haven’t got round to doing so I’ve decided to try and get a few of them done this weekend too.

I bought some lovely Radley dog style fabric by Clarke and Clarke a few weeks ago. I thought it would make a really good shopping bag. I didn’t have a pattern to work from but I had some ideas for construction from other things that I worked on recently.

It only took an hour or so and I am really pleased with the finished bag – Cupcake Princess will be extremely jealous!!

Scottie dog shopper

I lined it with the coordinating fabric and added some pockets for my purse, mobile, MP3 etc.

Inside of scottie shopper

I’m tidying up now as the Queen Mother and the Shed King are coming over for tea. I have a few other projects in mind for later this evening….so come back soon and see what else I finish in my sewing weekend!!



  1. That wonky star quilt is so cute! I love the simplicity of the red and white color scheme – it really makes the stars pop.

  2. Queen Mother says:

    The Radley style dog fabric bag is fantastic, looks much better in the flesh – I’m jealous as well and have requested one pronto!! Just great for lazy Italy days – I could fill it with shoe and handbag purchases!!

    • I’ve already promised to make you one when I find some more of the fabric….have a look at todays projects maybe one of those would do for now!! I may be a queen but the mothers are always in charge……

  3. Love, love the wonky star quilt, its fabulous!

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