Practicing the wonky stars

I have recently joined two online quilting bees, Sew Buzzy and Fresh & Funky Quilting Bee.

Sew Buzzy is kicking off in June with a project from Antique Rose to sew wonky stars. She requires one 12.5 inch wonky star or two 6.5 inch wonky stars.

Thank fully Antique Rose provided us with a gallery of wonky stars that she likes plus links to 3 tutorials on how to make them. Personally I have never made a wonky star so I was thankful that we could have a look at how to make them.

This weekend my family are away in Edinburgh so I have a very quiet house to myself so I thought I would make some practice blocks so that I knew how to make the stars. I close to follow the tutorial below:

The real stars have to be made from 30’s repro fabrics (which I haven’t received yet as I’m an international member and not in the U.S.). I decided to make mine from some really nice red and white fabrics that I picked up at Malvern…I was thinking that if the stars were successful I could make a picnic rug from them or a table-cloth for the kitchen.

Anyway, I have had a fun afternoon making up the blocks and to be honest I have enjoyed myself and they look fairly good. The one problem is that I am supposed to end up with a 12.5 inch block but I seem to be coming out nearer 12 inches. I will have to experiment tomorrow to see how I can get back the extra half an inch that I need for the blocks.

Below are a few pictures of the process and the finished blocks:

4.5 inch squares cut

Cut star point squares in half

Points pieced

Trim point squares back to 4.5 inches

Sew squares into strips....

White with a touch of red.....

Red with a touch of white....

I have prepared 4 red squares and 4 white squares so tomorrow I will start pulling together the finished quilt top.

Tonight is the Eurovision song contest so I can’t sit here using the sewing machine as it might drown out how awful some of the acts are.  Instead I will pour myself some wine, crack open some tortillas and dips, get my eurovision score sheet out and sit here doing some applique while doing my scoring. I’m sure the winner wont be one that I would have chosen but I’ll update you on the fun tomorrow……

P.S. Yes, it is really very sad to admit to liking the eurovision song contest but it is just such compelling telly due to the extremely awful acts that are normally on display!!


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