Sorting jewels in the sun…

Last Sunday was a gorgeous sunny day and as the boys were away at the rugby Cupcake Princess and myself had a chill out day. We spent the afternoon sitting out in the garden sorting out the jewel squares that I have stashed away ready for piecing together and adding to my Kaffe Fasset jewel squares quilt.

Jewel square organising

Cupcake Princess enjoys these kinds of activities and with the sun shining its fun for me too.

We have dug out more squares from my cupboard than I had remembered making so hopefully we will have another big piece of the quilt put together in the near future.

More jewel squares laid out....

I also sorted through the various bags of strips that I have cut ready for making more squares. The project requires a multitude of strips of varying widths so the cutting alone is a major task. I seem to be running out of the green strips so this weekend I will be searching on the web for emerald green fabrics.

Strip bags

After doing the sorting it was time for a bit of chilling out…it really is hard work being a patchworker!!!

Chilling out with Charlie on the vegetable quilt.....



  1. That will be a fabulous quilt — I love the colours you’re using!

  2. Your jewel blocks look stunning. Lokking forward to getting to know you through the bee.

  3. where do you get your fabrics???

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