Aunt Millie’s Garden – Blocks 6 & 12

Tonight I have carried on with tracing, cutting and fusing the blocks for my Aunt Millie’s Garden quilt.

Aunt Millie's Garden - Block 6

Aunt Millie's Garden - Block 12

I think the blocks are coming out ok but the proof will be when I line them all up at the end and see how they go together.

The hard bit is the next stage when I have to start working on the applique. By the end I will probably have very sore fingers. I’m sure I’m supposed to wear a thimble or something but I just cant get the knack of it and prefer to just have slightly sore fingers.



  1. Goodness your blocks look amazing!! Is it stitched? You can’t see a single one. It’s great to see what the whole quilt looks like too. My blog friend Willeke is also making one but I didn’t know how it was going to look finished. Beautiful work.

    • Thanks for the lovely comment but I have to confess these are the unappliqued versions…I will start posting the finished versions of the blocks shortly and sadly you will definetly be able to see my stitches. It is a really great pattern and I cant wait to finish the quilt….one day!

  2. I love those flower blocks and can’t wait to see them stitched up

  3. So are you having copies made somewhere???? I am wanting to start this now and am a little curious about having the larger copies made.

    Yours are looking terrific and I think the greens are working out very well indeed! :0)

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