Aunt Millie’s Garden – Blocks 1 & 4

I’ve decided to take a little bit of a break from sewing and focus on some prep work…..quieter for everyone else while they are watching the tv and gives my neck a break from the stiffness.

I have been prepping for making the Piece O’Cake Designs Aunt Millie’s Garden  quilt since last summer. I picked up the pattern from a shop in Bovey Tracey last summer whilst on holiday. I really loved the vibrancy of the design and the choice of red as the background colour really makes the flowers stand out. The photo below is a little dodgy but hopefully indicates the intricacy of the pattern.

Aunt Millie's Garden

I have been picking up fabrics to make the  quilt ever since I bought the pattern. I really struggled to find fabrics that I am happy with. I think that what I have now could work together but the tones may still be a little muted. I need to find a whole range of red fabrics to make the sashing but I figure I can continue looking for those while I am working on the applique.

I have decided as usual to stick to applying the applique using bondaweb and then blanket stitching the pieces in place. Piece O’Cake have their own applique method outlined in the pattern book but I like to stick to what I’m happy with…boring I know but I am at least familiar with the process.

I have fused the first two blocks tonight. I’m not sure if I’m completely happy with the colour combinations but I’ve decided that I will pull together the blocks for now and if I’m not happy with them I can redo them with other fabrics. It’s always hard to tell whether you like the first couple of blocks, I don’t think you get a true feel for what it is going to look like until you have a fair amount of the quilt blocks prepped.

The problem I am having with the feel may actually be the green fabric I have used for the stems and leaves rather than the flowers…I bought a jelly roll of green fabrics (I think it was called something like Delph Plates) as I needed a lot of green but it may be too patterned. I’ll have to see how it goes with the other blocks.

Block 1 – Orange and pale blue

Aunt Millie's Garden - Block 1

Block 1 - Close Up

Block 4 – Pale Blue with a touch of pink

Aunt Millie's Garden - Block 4

Block 4 - Close Up


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