Trip to the V& A quilts….

Well yesterday we finally did it….we went to the V&A to see Quilts 1700 – 2010!

The ‘boys’ were going to Twickenham for the Emirates Rugby 7’s so we thought we would get the train down to London with them but that we would go and see something far more exciting than rugby…quilts!!

Cupcake Princess and Prince of Rock!

We were really lucky because having planned trip this weeks ago it has turned out to be the hottest and sunniest weekend of the year with clear blue skies and temperatures over 26 degrees!!

For those of you who haven’t been to the V&A the building alone is amazing. I love the V & A and the Natural History Museum just down the road. They are architectural gems with all the amazing features…..

V & A entrance

Natural History Museum

Fishes on the NHM

We pottered into the V&A, picked up our tickets for the exhibition and went to see if it was good as everyone has been saying. What was our verdict…great!! We got there nice and early so it wasn’t too busy and we were able to get a good view of all the quilts.

Personally I wasn’t that keen on a lot of the newer contemporary quilts but I loved the old ones. I particularly enjoyed the appliqued quilts as they opened up a little window into a period of time. The subjects and the content of the appliqued pictures really told you something about the era. There was one quilt in particular that had lots of bible related pictures, heroes of the time i.e. Napoleon and there in the corner was Robin Hood! It didn’t seem to go with the rest of the pictures but according to the guide book was added as a hero because of the stealing from the rich to give to the poor story striking a cord with people in the early nineteenth century….wonder what they’d think if they saw Russell Crowe’s Robin Hood!

Cupcake Princess loved all the quilts with animals included in them. As a lot of the quilts were from an era where the quilts were used to tell bible stories there were Noah’s Arks, the Garden of Eden, tales of Jonah and the Whale etc. It was so interesting to see what they thought exotic animals looked like – one included a giraffe which you would have struggled to identify if it wasn’t for the patterning on the body.

Below are some pictures of our favourites…and yes there is one modern one!

Quilt 1851

Liberty Jack, 2008, Janey Forgan

Applique cover, 1820

Now for a few words from Cupcake princess who seemed to be in film star mode for the trip (sunglasses aka Victoria Beckham!):

Film star Cupcake Princess

My favorite quilt was the Adam and Eve one just above my picture.
Do you like it? Which animal do you like? Please tell us.
By cupcake princess


  1. Queen Mother says:

    I like the colours which look very earthy. The lion and elephant are my favourites.

  2. Great quilts – I am containing my jealousy just now! I love the quilt you chose too. I think I’d go for the elephant or the peacock – I have a thing about peacocks. What a great trip to take. I liked the fashion and jewellry sections of the V&A when we lived in London.

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