Project bag……

We’ve worked on another project that we picked up at Malvern. We picked up a pattern from the ‘Button Angel’ for a pocket bag. We thought it would be good for keeping our sewing bits in in the living room.

We selected some Moda fabric to make it…..French General……. so that it had a more traditional feel.

It wasn’t a quick and easy project because it required quilting, pocket making etc but the pattern was fairly straight forward to follow. For me the hardest piece was the binding. I think I need to find a tutorial somewhere for binding around curves…I followed the pattern instructions but I think they assumed I would know how to bind around corners!!

I ‘m really pleased with the finished product and especially happy as I achieved it without losing my temper at any point.

Take a look at the project evolving:


Long Sides

Short Sides

Half Way There.....

Finished Bag.......

Another angle......


  1. Queen Mother says:

    This would be an ideal present for the Queen Mother!!! Great for beach picnics with the terrible two during the summer holidays. All the beach accessories would fit in the pockets ie: sun protection lotion, sun glasses and stuffed animals. Perhaps the ‘teddies’ could have one of their own as we know they love to go to the beach!!

  2. Totally gorgeous bag. No evidence of mentioned difficulties with curves that I saw. Well done ladies!!

  3. Jindi's Cottage says:

    What a great bag…perfect fabric for it, looks great.
    Binding does my head in at times (because I can’t seem to retain the process) and I have a book that I refer to, a lot! … The Quilters Edge: Borders, Bindings and Finishing Touches by Darlene Zimmerman … I find her instructions clear, concise and easy to understand.

    • Thanks for the tip….I’ll see if I can get hold of it. It’s frustrating when the last bit is the hardest!! It was fine for me but you will have seen a previous comment from the Queen Mother – my mum – asking for one and I’ll need to get it right before I do hers.

  4. I love the bag. I have been fascinated with French General fabrics this fall and have some left over from another project. Maybe I’ll try something like this. I think the idea of keeping scraps picked up is great also, as it is a perennial problem at my house. Dear Husband just doesn’t understand…. Of course, he doesn’t get why I’m not wild about random tools in the living room either. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

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