Practice time…

We have been working on some more of the projects we picked up at Malvern.

I have loved the Nancy Halvorsen patterns for sometime and I picked up the new Sew Necessary pattern book. Cupcake Princess thought we could make a needle case for her teacher as an end of term…and leaving for Australia….gift.

Wallets - Flower and Acorn

As you will have seen from previous blogs it is never as easy as just making the pattern. I have to make the wallet but not as a needle case, it needs to be a notebook and pen holder. We want to make the flower wallet shown on the right hand (closed) and in the middle with a leaf on (open). Instead of having the leaf pincushion in the middle I need to replace it with a fabric band to hang a notebook from.

We don’t need it for a few weeks but I thought it best to have a practice run to test out the pattern and my proposed adaptations.

I bought some great American Retro fabrics from Sunflower fabrics so we thought we’d make a non appliqued version of the wallet using the retro fabrics.

So how did it go……overall I think it came out well. I made a slight boo boo when adding the fastener as it is a bit looser than I would like. I also used some wadding to give it a bit of thickness but I think it was too thick affecting the folding of the wallet.

American Retro Wallet

This was made rather quickly but you can see all the different pockets – 2 pockets on the left, one pocket on the right plus a pen pocket and the hanger in the middle for the notebook.

We’ve tried out adding a notebook and pen……it worked really well.

Retro Wallet

So Cupcake Princess now has her prototype….I just have to deliver the real version over the coming weeks. The final version will have a button sewn onto the fastener to cover up the velcro stitching but I think it looks ok without.

Wallet prototype



  1. Someone on gave the Sew Necessary book a bad review, saying that the instructions were too hard to follow. What is your opinion of that? The book looks great and I’d like to get it, but I don’t want to end up frustrated.

    • I found the instructions for the wallet easy to follow….and fairly logical. I have found previous books ok. What would you be interested in in the book…I’ll have a look at the instructions and see if they make sense to me.

  2. Jindi's Cottage says:

    Like your prototype and the fabrics are lovely.

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