Russian Doll….saved from disaster!

Yesterday Cupcake Princess and myself went on a trip to Malvern for the quilt show. We both picked up things that we wanted, fabrics for finishing projects (and starting some!!) for myself and kits for making more cuddly toys for Cupcake Princess. We also took a look at some of the lovely quilts on display for inspiration.

Mandy Shaw one of our favourite designers had a stall at the show and Cupcake Princess bought herself a pattern for a Russian Doll Doorstop:

Mandy Shaw - Russian Doll

I then had a trawl around the show to look for some suitable fabrics to make the doll….of course the fabrics cost far more than the pattern…Cupcake Princess uses her money for the pattern and I get the fabric bill!

As soon as we got home Cupcake Princess started pestering me about starting to make the doll…mainly because daddy was watching the boring FA Cup final!

As usual Cupcake princess was in charge of tracing, cutting & pinning to the fabric, Patchwork Queen was in charge of ironing and construction.

Pattern Pinning

Everything was going so well, until it came to attaching the head to the body when I realised I had put the apron on upside down so the apron top was attached to the bottom of the doll

At this stage I was ready to give up as I had had enough but the slave driver said I had to finish it before bed! Then I began with some improvisation which went more than just slightly wrong….the neck ended up too long and I had a very stumpy body.

Stumpy, long neck!

At this stage I decided enough was enough and we went to bed. I suggested to Cupcake Princess that I would cut the body off in the morning and try to sort it out which was met with a cry of ‘No she’s alive now you can’t chop her head off!’.

Anyway I woke up this morning with a renewed desire to try to make the doll look more acceptable.  I made a scarf (which is part of the pattern but I made it longer and wider) and sewed it around the neck to shorten it a bit and also extended the body a little bit. I’m still not happy with the doll (particularly the stitching at the bottom) but I am at least happy now that she can be seen in public!

Completed Russian Doll

Now for a few words from Cupcake Princess….written and typed by her:

Her name is ANYA. She is not a doorstop I wanted a teddy to cuddle in bed.She is very cuddly and soft aswell  she is very beautiful . My mum got very grumpy when she was stitching ANYA up on the sewing machine .

I think we are going to be sewing koalas today because the boys have gone to golf. We got the pattern from the Charmed fish stall.They are called BONZER and BEAUT and there very cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Very fun story – that made my morning, especially “No she’s alive you can’t chop her head off.”
    Great minds think alike: I’m in the process of making a Russian doll tooth fairy pocket pillow! Will post pics when done.

    • Daddy thinks it’s all very funny and has suggested it’s a self made monster as I shouldn’t encourage her interest in sewing so much…its not the liking of sewing that’s the problem its the fact that I keep having to create toys which involves too much pattern reading for my liking!

      Look forward to seeing your russian doll project….they’re really ‘in’ at the moment.

  2. Queen Mother says:

    What does Daddy want – craft projects or DS Lites??? No pleasure without pain!!

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