Morning Update: Lunchtime special for Cupcake Princess…

Over the weekend Cupcake Princess has been so busy with her projects I thought that maybe it was time to make a little treat for her.

A few days ago I spotted a pattern for a lunch bag on the DIY Bag Lover blog and thought it looked like it would be fairly easy to do.

In their pattern they used some plasticised fabric but I don’t have that or any oil cloth BUT I do have some duck cloth canvas that I picked up for an Amy Butler laptop case project.

I had a scout through my leftovers box and found the off cuts from the Garden Fresh quilt I made Cupcake Princess for her birthday and figured vegetables have to be the perfect theme for a lunch bag.

To cut a long story short I sewed together some of the off cuts and lined them with the duck cloth and I have to say I think it has come out extremely well:

Vegetable Lunch Bag

I unwittingly helped with the folding over the bag as I didn’t have an off cut big enough for the project so used a piece of border to extend the height and sewed it all on to the duck cloth…..this meant there was a perfect folding edge:

Vegetable lunch bag (2)

Can’t wait to give Cupcake Princess her surprise in the morning…she loves her quilt so hopefully she’ll also love her lunch bag. She uses her quilt most evenings when she’s lying on the sofa doing her reading and apparently its very snuggly!!

Garden Fresh Vegetable Quilt

UPDATE: Cupcake Princess now has her lunch bag and loves it. She has decided she doesn’t want to put her lunch in the bag as her banana skins might make it smelly….but she is going to use it to take her break time snack to school. She has just gone off to school now with the new bag stowed away in her book bag. No doubt I will get some design feedback from her when she gets home….she is already considering whether the top needs to be buttoned down!!!

Packing the snack bag!

Off to school.......



  1. cute bag, quilt, and cupcake! 🙂

  2. everydaychaos says:

    How cute! Did your daughter like it? I think I need to make one for my daughter; she’s starting kindergarten in the fall and has been talking about getting a lunch box. The picture of your daughter snuggling under her quilt is great! She obviously loves it , and I know that must warm your heart.

  3. I love the fabric you used for her lunch bag, no wonder she loved it. My daughters and I bought some oilcloth to make lunch bags last year and I still haven’t made them! Oops.

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