New build in The ‘Burbs….

Well, the weekend may have started with children’s projects but it is ending with mummy working on her projects. Last week I showed you some ladies that I was making for my Material Obsession The’Burbs quilt….today I have been working on some of the houses.

Making the houses looks easy but I have been having problems withe roofs, primarily because I had made the roof fabrics a little bit too small. Two perfectly good houses had to be thrown away because I made such a disaster with the roofs.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

Houses from The 'Burbs

I’m a bit concerned that my houses are looking very new build and formal where as the ones in the book are more floral and wonky. I’ll keep going and see if they go with the ladies that I’ve made. I’m thinking that they will improve when I sew in the paths and chimneys and add some flowers.

Cupcake Princess already has her favourites, not surprisingly the flowery ones, and has been doing some practice layouts. I think this is one we will spend a long time working out the block placement for because there are so many different fabrics and sizes of houses & ladies.

House close up

I want to get all the houses and ladies finished this week so that I can start work on piecing and embellishments next week.

I need to go now and have a look for some border fabric. I bought some ages ago but now the blocks are coming together I don’t think it’s the right colour. I’m sure if I have a look around I can find the right striped fabric. Such a chore having to look at fabric websites….not!



  1. They are lovely. I’m sure as you add the ladies it will become more wonky (in a good way!). I am so looking forward to seeing the final product.

  2. Nice houses! I am slightly obsessed with houses (maybe because I live in a a tiny apartment) and I have been thinking about making a house quilt. The roofs look difficult because they aren’t rectangular. The most complicated patchwork I have attempted have been triangles!

    • The problem that I have with wonky roofs is the amount of background fabric needed to make them…I got through my pale blue fabric much quicker than I wanted to and ended up with lots of scrappy bits left. I’ve started to use some white fabrics now as I have lots more of that so can be a bit more free.

      I have cut some more pieces and will try and piece them together at the weekend….lets see if they are a little bit more wonky!

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