Hoot Hoot…..

We’ve been working on a new project tonight…an owl doorstop out of this months Sew Hip. We haven’t actually made it as a doorstop, Cupcake Princess wanted a cuddly owl.

Cupcake Princess did appliquing and sewing and I just sewed on some buttons and sewed the sides together. Cupcake Princess also chose all the felts and buttons so its her colour combo.

I think i came out really well….see what you think:

Pattern Tracing

Sewing the owl

Stuffing the owl

Hoot the owl......



  1. That is so awesome how she did so much of it herself!

  2. Wow! I designed the pattern and am so pleased that this turned out to be a lovely mother daughter job. Cupcake princess is going to go places… they are both great.

    • Thanks for your kind words. We really enjoyed making the owls…it was a really good childrens project. We have been on holiday for the past 10 days and we popped into WHSmith yesterday to pick up the latest Sew Hip and we couldn’t believe it when we saw that our picture was the star picture. Mu daughter is so proud and excited to see herself in the magazine. We’re looking forward to having other projects to do so hopefully your working on something new……

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