Lack of will power again…..

So, I have been cleaning away over the past few days and come across lots of half finished/in progress projects. I of course thought to myself that it is really time to get on and finish projects before buying anymore fabrics or starting any new projects. I have been seeing other peoples grand plans to clear down their stashes and finish projects and I wantonly thought I can do that too……

My resolution has lasted about 12 hours…two events changed my mind:

1 – Fat Quarter Shop have a sale…how can I not look for bargains!!!

2 – Pipers Girls posted the new Whimsical Garden pattern from Piece O’Cake. I have been coveting this pattern since seeing it on the Piece O’Cake website…I can’t bare not getting my hands on it!

No sewing done today as I have been working on getting a very boring work document finished for tomorrow morning. Its 1am and as I’m still up (having just finished my draft doc) I think I owe myself a couple of treats…….

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