Spring Cleaning Day 2

Having spent yesterday sorting out my fabrics I spent last night thinking about the cupboard itself. It has seen better days and many of the items I got out from the back were a bit on the musty side….probably due to some dodgy plaster!

So this morning my son and I got to work. Ben’s job was to get in the cupboard with the hoover and make sure there were no bugs lurking about….The cupboard is about 9 foot high and there is a hole where the water pipes go into the loft and a few critters like the dark corners up there…urghhhh.

Once the spider checks were complete I got to work. I bleached the walls to remove any dampness and then found some unused Blueberry Crush emulsion out of the garage and set to work painting it. Two coats later and it was looking great ..apart from the highest part of the ceiling which I couldn’t reach even when using my stool.

My husband has been away for the bank holiday weekend but he got home at about 7.30pm to what looked like world war three….boxes of fabrics strewn around the living room. I let him have some tea but then he was banished upstairs to paint the last little bit of the ceiling. Effort was required from him to finish the project…makes him feel needed.

So here I am …9pm, cupboard painted, shelves back in place and I’m waiting for the paint to be dry enough so I can start packing everything away.

So, no sewing done but some good jobs done and I may stand half a chance of finding some fabric and thread next time I need it. I have also retrieved some half done projects which I will show you over the coming days.

I’ll sleep well tonight!!!


  1. Thank you for visiting me, and leaving the kind comment on my Marabella quilt.

    When you are done sorting through your fabrics — can you come over and do mine?! 😉
    Just kidding…

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