Spring Cleaning in The ‘Burbs!

Most of today has been spent cleaning out my sewing cupboard. In recent weeks my fabric boxes have been piling up outside the cupboard and even I thought that it was time to do something about it.

I have had a great time emptying all the boxes and organising my fabrics, embellishments, threads and unfinished projects. I have organised all my part made projects into clear plastic bags and put them all in one box so I can dip in and pull one out when I want to.

The ‘Burbs

Last year I bought the fab Material Obsession book:

Material Obsession - Kathy Doughty & Sarah Fielke

I gathered together a range of vintage fabrics to make a quilt called The ‘Burbs. It is a hotch potch of ladies and their houses – very girly and flowery. I have popped in a photo below, but it isn’t great – i will try and get a better one tomorrow in the daylight.

The 'Burbs

I was reminded about it after seeing someone elses completed ‘Burb quilt this week and I dug it out of the back of the cupboard whilst doing the spring cleaning.

So far I have just been working on some ladies but hopefully I will get to some of the houses tomorrow. I have been experimenting with embellishments and have tried to add some ribbons around the middle and little net aprons. I think I will end up making a few more ladies than required for the pattern so that I can try out a few different styles.

Fabrics cut

Ladies from The 'Burbs


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