Patchwork Palace gets a new look……

I have been working on a project for the past few days in preparation for changing the theme of my blog. I really wanted to have a theme that was more personal to us.

I stitched together the banner below to use as my header for my new theme:

Patchwork Palace Banner

I spent a while appliqueing it all and getting it ready. I took some photos this afternoon which weren’t the best but which I thought would be good enough to crop and set as the header. Unfortunately the cropper for the header has some strange settings and I can’t fit the whole image in…so for now I have just used Patchwork for the banner but hopefully will fix it tomorrow.

I’m really pleased with how the writing came out…I did it freestyle as I didn’t have anything suitable in any patterns but I think its great!! Now I feel like the blog has a bit of our personality!!!



  1. I love this banner! Very cute font you came up with.

    Your mentioning the cropper, header, and settings gave me a bad flashback to when I was struggling to make my header image just stay in the darn WordPress theme already. Ugh. I’m not using my first choice of theme, I’m simply using the one that I could make work with my image. What a headache. So I feel your pain!

    • Absolutely agree…I went for the new theme that had come out as I preferred it and I could use a header…still haven’t worked out a way to fit the palace in….but I’m getting used to it as it! Thanks for dropping by and sharing my pain!

      • Do you want my work-around for getting the whole thing in? I’m going to apply it to the newest theme when I get time – just too overwhelmed with everything else at the moment! Anyway, I’d type it up for you sometime this week if you want to try it.

        By the way, I’m adding you to our blog roll if you don’t mind.

      • If you know how to do it it would be good to know. I have got used to just having the patchwork displayed but I would like to at least see what it would look like with the whole picture displayed….took a while to design and stitich it so don’t want it to be a waste of time.

        Dont mind you adding me to your blog roll….cant promise to post anything exciting but happy to have a bit of interaction with other sewers out there!

  2. Well, I’ve got it typed up for you, although it occurs to me that I don’t know how to translate some of it from Mac to PC, and I don’t know what you’ve got. But maybe you can get through the instructions anyway. The process is too long for a comment box. Want to email me at and I can send it to you that way?

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