Off to see the Queen….

Off to work in Windsor for the next two days. Each week before I go down there I laugh with my daughter that I’m off to see the Queen – and I have actually seen her whilst taking a walk so it’s not  a complete joke! I even stay in a hotel where you can see the castle from some of the rooms. If only I got to go out and have a potter in Windsor…there are some great shops. Unfortunately I will as usual be stuck in the office during shop opening hours and will spend my evening on my own in the hotel.

I have my trusty sewing bag ready to pop in my overnighter. I started a new project last night which I hope to have ready to show you all at the weekend. I have ironed my applique pattern on so tomorrow night I can sit in the hotel and do the stitching. I’m using some fabrics I picked up in York a few weeks ago …they have a real spring feel with yellows, greens and pinks. …there are also some lovely birds on one of the fabrics.

I’m not going to tell you anything more about what it is at the moment …… maybe I’ll give you some more clues later in the week.


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