No peace for me……

As expected I was press ganged into a children’s project this afternoon….making a toy dolphin. The pattern came from Australian Homespun issue 79 and looked fairly straightforward but there were a few challenges….partly due to me misreading instructions but also because there were some fiddly bits where the pattern didn’t seem very clear. 

We worked on the project together with me being in charge of scissors and sewing and Cupcake Princess being in charge of fabric selection,  pins and stuffing. 

I have included a few slides of  the project in progress too…so you can see some of the fiddliness! It came out pretty well …the nose isn’t quite right but close enough. Cupcake princess has taken coral the dolphin to bed and she is very happy with it and that’s all that matters! 

Magazine dolphin


Dolphin pieces


Dolphin piecing


Dolphin stuffing


Coral the dolphin




  1. one good apple says:

    And a lovely dolphin she is too!

  2. That is really cute! I can see I will have some fun exploring your site and looking at all your beautiful creations!

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