Chooks are out the shed….

Well I finally finished the chicken wall hanging last night and I’m pleased with how it’s come out. I think all the colours work well together. I love the chook shed pattern book this came from there are some great projects in there.

The Three Chooks

I think I’m going to hang it in my living room but I wont add any hangers until I know exactly where I want it. My husband thinks I need to investigate framing methods as I like to alternate the wall hanging that is up in the living room so it would be good to have something that enables you to easily interchange them…might have a look on the internet and see what’s available. There must be a way of clipping a hanging in and then swapping it for another one.

I’m so pleased I have actually finished a project out of the half-finished box…think I’ll have a look through some of my other in progress projects today and see what I want to do next. I have about 5 big quilts in progress, 3 bags and 3 applique panels….I need to decide what I fancy doing . I think I fancy some piecing rather than sewing as my fingers are tired from finishing off the chooks. Of course this all assumes I have a choice as to what I do next…Cupcake Princess was rummaging in the fabric box this morning and I know she spotted a pattern for making a dolphin in my magazine yesterday so I may be about to be press ganged into a children’s project!!



  1. Debi Thompson says:

    Can you tell me what book The Three Chooks came?Yours came out awesome.Thank You Debi

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