Save the animals…..

Cupcake princess has been doing some earth day related activities and one of them involved all of the children being given blank canvas bags to decorate with designs. My little princess wants people to help save animals from extinction which I think is a great cause….and we all need to do our bit. 

We have a smart meter in our house which has a little traffic light for our energy consumption…when it turns red there is now a flurry of activity to turn any non-essential lights or appliances off….it does make you more conscious of having lights on when you don’t need them. We are also trying to make lots of our own reusable bags so we minimise how many plastic bags we are using. 

Anyway, I thought I would share her design with you all… favourites are the panda and elephant!! 

Save the animals bag



  1. Queen Mother says:

    Well done Princess!!!

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