A visit to the Cotton Patch…

Well I have finally finished all the stitching I need to do for the chicken wall hanging…just need to put the edges on. I popped down to Cotton Patch this morning to choose some fabric for the edging.

I found just what I was looking for BUT of course I had to pick some other fabrics up whilst I was there. I am planning to make an Amy Butler laptop cover for myself and an MP3 holder for my son so I had a little wander around to see what I could find. I decided on some Amy Butler fabric for my cover but got some nice blue and green fabric from the Cats & Dogs range for my son…he has already told me that he wont use it if it is pink or has flowers on it!!!

The ladies from Cotton Patch were also wonderful as they helped me work out what all the different stabilisers, interfacing and duck canvas are that are required for the project. I have never used most of these so it seems a bit daunting…if the Cotton Patch ladies hadn’t had a useful sheet showing what all the different options were I would probably still have been there trying to work out what to do. Thank you Cotton Patch!!

Laptop holder fabric

MP3 Holder

Fabrics and cottons


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