The sun has got his hat on…..

I have to admit that I haven’t been putting as much effort into my chicken sewing as I would like to as I have had too much work to do for the day job. It’s a constant challenge to continue with my projects when work is so busy…I’ve worked until 2am for the last two nights trying to get documents out to deadlines and the sewing has just had to take second priority.  

This morning I gave myself half an hour of relaxation time and I have been digging around in my linen cupboard for old projects to post.  

I thought I would share a very old project (8 years old) with you…one of my first quilting/applique projects – my daughters baby changing mat. I have very fond memories of making this mat. I based it on a pram quilt pattern in a book called Kids Country by Susie Lacome. I didn’t like one of the panels of a rabbit so I replaced it with the bee from another pattern. I also simplified the border pattern.  

I have to admit it isn’t technically as good as the quilt in the book as I used some very dodgy wadding which as I now know isn’t suitable for this kind of project. I backed the quilt with some lovely bright red brushed cotton fabric and it held up well to the trials it was put through. I still bring it out when I have friends and family over with their babies.  Maybe one day it will be used for a grandchild…many, many years from now though!!  

Take a look and I hope you like the applique squares as much as I did. Maybe tomorrow I will share with you the playmat I made from the same book ……..  

Changing Mat/Pram Quilt


Panel 1 & 2


Panels 3 & 4


Panels 5 & 6


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