Piece O’Cake…. The Flower Tree

Close up of The Flower Tree

Sometimes you see a book and your immediately inspired…well that was what happened to me when I saw (and bought) Piece O’Cake Designs Applique Outside the Lines.

The patterns in the book are so lovely and I was desperate to find a reason to make something out of it. I decided that following the purchase of a new bunk bed my daughter really needed a girlie wall hanging to look at while she was on her top bunk. Her dad wasn’t so sure but I needed an excuse to make something really bright!!

I decided that I would make a small quilt and took inspiration from two patterns in the book…Peppermint Sparkle and Tree O’Life. I really enjoyed trawling through my stash looking for small scrappy brightly coloured fabrics that could be incorporated into the applique. I also had to make a couple of trips to the local fabric shop to pick up fabrics for the bits I couldn’t cover with what I’d already got…funny how there are always one or two bits that you have to go to the shop and buy!!

Then started the fun job of applique. Piece O’Cake have their own method of doing applique…..I decided to stick what I know and love…fusible webbing and blanket stitch. I picked up some rainbow thread which blended in with the feel of the wall hanging as I would have needed a mountain of threads if I had wanted to match to each colour!! I then started the job of sewing. I have to admit that it took rather longer than I had anticipated and that by the end I was glad to give my fingers a rest but I was really pleased with the finished article!!

My daughter loves it and hopefully you will too! Cupcake princess took it into the fabric shop to show her friend and she was impressed that we had used so many different fabrics….she realises now why we always show such interest in the £2 scrap strip basket!

The Flower Tree



  1. I love it…it’s gorgeous!!

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