Happy Birthday to you……

Friday was a big day….Cupcake Princess and the Queens Mothers birthdays. 

Cupcake Princess Birthday Hanging

Cupcake Princess's Birthday Wall Hanging


As usual I have been in a flurry of pre birthday stitching, Last year I made a special birthday wall hanging. I used a pattern from Quilt Yourself Gorgeous by Mandy Shaw. I think it came out really well. I made some slight tweaks to make it easier for me to make and of course using my own fabric choices. 

This year I have made a vegetable themed quilt using the Garden Fresh range from Andover. Cupcake Princess is a really keen gardener and she has kept saying that she wants a vegetable quilt so I thought her birthday was a perfect opportunity to give her what she wants. I found the fabric at The Fat Quarter Shop….they have some really great ranges available. I bought a selection pack that included a vegetable panel which I cut up into individual squares to include with the plain fabrics. They didn’t have many of the fabrics available by the yard but I bought what I could to make bigger areas and the backing. 


Garden Fresh Quilt (1)

Garden Fresh Quilt (2)

Garden Fresh Quilt (3)

I had a slight problem with some puckering in the bottom right corner so embellished it with some lovely pumpkin buttons to hide the worst of it. 

Having handed over the gift I’m pleased to report that she loves it and has already added it to her pile of bedcovers….no doubt I will have to use the offcuts to put together a pillow or bag.  

Cupcake Princess has also been busy pulling together a birthday gift for the Queen Mother. It is her first proper quliting project and I think it came out really well. 

Cupcake Princess's Birthday Table Runner


She did all the stitching together of the runner fabric itself but I provided a bit of help on finishing off the sides. The fabric used was from a £2 roll of off cuts so it was a good economical gift aswell. I was really proud of how she persevered with using the sewing machine and learning the best speed for her to be able to control the fabric and stitching. Having a speed control button on the sewing machine is a godsend….if it wasn’t controllable I think we would have been whizzing off in all directions!



  1. Queen Mother says:

    The Queen Mother has to say that she was very, very pleased with her present and is very proud of her Cupcake Princess!!

  2. Queen Mother says:

    You’re welcome!

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