Bags, bags and…….more bags!

I recently purchased a really nice Amy Butler bag pattern and ever since Cupcake Princess has been ‘volunteering ‘ me to make them for anyone she can! The pattern is really easy to follow and I have adapted it to make various sizes. Bag 1 below is the standard pattern size but  bag 2 and 3 get progressively bigger. It would make a really good pattern for school gym bags because of the drawstring.
Bag one was a cake themed bag for a work friend who is always bringing cakes in and occasionally sends them for the kids.

Bag 1 - The Cake Bag


 Bag two was a sewing bag that I made for myself using fabric I picked up on holiday in Devon last year. 

Bag 2 - Patchwork Queen's sewing bag.


Bag three is a bag I was press ganged into making for Cupcake Princess to keep all her little sewing projects in. 


Bag 3 - Cupcake Princess's sewing bag (left)

Todays project is to make a bag for my mum’s birthday using some cooking fabric which Cupcake Princess picked up at The Cotton Patch a couple of weeks ago…….lets see tomorrow how that turns out! 


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